Inner Calm through Meditative Drawing

Lines of Zen is a new kind of meditation app. Instead of trying to empty your mind, you gently focus it by following a series of guided drawing exercises.

A NEW way to meditate

Lines of Zen guides you through a technique known as meditative drawing. Put simply, in order to quieten your mind, you give it a creative task.

Short, easy meditations

In less time than it takes you to respond to an email, relax your mind and be ready for anything.

No talent or skill required

Anybody, at any age, can follow along with these meditation exercises and put them into practice immediately.

Stick with a favorite, or try something new

Lines of Zen ships with a collection of different exercises, grouped by complexity. New exercises are added each month.

There is no judgement

It's all about the practice of drawing, not the end result. However, do keep your drawings - it's rewarding to look back at them.

Watch a Sample Exercise

About Lines of Zen

I created this app to help all the people around the world who, like me, have tried traditional meditation and found it too difficult, too time consuming, or perhaps just not the right fit. What makes Lines of Zen different? The meditations in this app give you almost instant access to the calm, focused state of mind required for you to benefit from traditional meditation, and this is achieved through drawing.

Don't worry! Lines of Zen requires absolutely no talent or skill for drawing. Anybody, at any age, can follow along with these meditation exercises and put them into practice immediately. In fact, most Lines of Zen exercises can be completed in about 5 minutes, which makes them great for squeezing in between other activities in your day. Conversely, any of these exercises can be extended or repeated for longer meditation sessions. They are also very easy to memorize, so you can do them anytime, anywhere without the instructions. Just five minutes of daily meditative drawing can do wonders for your peace of mind, your focus, and your overall wellbeing.

For those of you who already have a meditation practice of your own, Lines of Zen is a great way to add another meditative tool to your practice. It may even become your favorite way to meditate!

So, if you're ready, get a pen and some paper, and be "drawn" into relaxation with Lines of Zen.

- Kyle

Sneak Previews

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Here's a selection of reviews left by early users of the app in the app store. If you've enjoyed using the app, we'd really appreciate it if you could leave a review or let us know by email.

The best meditation app!

As someone who often deals with anxiety and stress, I have tried several meditation apps. Lines of zen takes a unique approach on meditation by using mindful drawing. There are several drawings to work on depending on your level and your mood. You can use it any where and any time. Definitely recommend!


I feel calmer after just two minutes

This app is a great way to take your mind off of the world and catch your breath. It’s easy to do and totally effective in slowing down my heartbeat and getting oxygen to my brain.


Fresh take on meditation

Fun new approach to clearing the mind. The music, breathing reminders, and the instructor’s voice immediately put you in a calmer mental state. Then as you follow along drawing the simple patterns and shapes, you find yourself in a pleasant trance. Never experienced anything quite like it. Definitely recommend.


Love this app! So relaxing and soothing

This app helps me keep calm. Really enjoys the drawing exercise, the music and also Kyle’s soothing voice!! Really help so slow down the day, breathe and feel relax.

Frequently asked questions

First, a small confession: Lines of Zen is brand new and nobody's asked us any questions yet. So, these are the sort of questions that we imagine people might ask. If your question isn't answered here, please Get in Touch.

What is Meditative Drawing?

In a nutshell, meditative drawing is an easy way to experience the wonderful benefits of traditional meditation through simple drawing exercises.

Unlike traditional 'sketching', You are not trying to feel your way through any particular shapes or make the drawing look like any subject of any kind. Therefore, the lines you draw will always be correct.

What do I need, besides the app?

Just a pen and some paper.

Nothing else is needed! Lines of Zen drawing meditations can be done anywhere, anytime, whenever you need a little moment of calm, focus, and mental relaxation in your day. If you wish, you can even draw on a digital tablet.

Do I need to know how to draw?

No. Unlike drawing with the intention of making "art" (or a representational image of any kind), meditative drawing is done with the intention of focusing all of your attention on the simple act of making marks on the paper.

These marks, drawn slowly and with calm focus, eventually result in various abstract images that are sometimes quite beautiful. However, no artistic skill is required to produce any of the drawings in this app.

As long as I'm picking a pen, any particular kind?

It is recommended that you do these exercises with a pen that writes smoothly, requiring very little pressure. Pencils can be scratchy or messy. Ink is fluid and quiet. Use a relaxed grip and just let the lines happen. Long slow lines are always more therapeutic than short, staccato jabs at the paper.

How long do the exercises take?

Each of the exercises takes between 3 and 5 minutes to complete. Besides completing one first thing in the morning, they can also be useful during your day as a way of changing pace and clearing your mind for a new task.